A Brief History of Folkloristics &/+/vs. Anthropology

Metaphors are a great way to talk about something indirectly. They help us better understand the thing in question, but through a shift in language. Such is the case with trying to enumerate the differences between folklore and anthropology, at least historically. Historically, the difference between the two disciplines can be illustrated as such: Folklorists … Continue reading A Brief History of Folkloristics &/+/vs. Anthropology

What a Folklorist Means When They Say “Folklore.”

This word, for most, conjures up a number of cultural items: the stories that your grandparents told you when you were young, the art of the people in the countryside, songs that you hear in the "real traditional" pubs. If these things come to mind when you hear the word "folklore" then you would be quite right. And yet, folklore is also a lot of other things that we don't often think of when talking about folklore.